Drugs kill, trafficker smashed to death by half-ton of marijuana after fatal car crash (5 PHOTOS)


Drugs kill. This smuggler died after wrapping his vehicle around a tree. A half-ton of packaged marijuana, store in the back seat, slammed into him.

A Brazilian drug trafficker was killed after being crushed by a half-ton of marijuana.

The man was transporting his stock when he lost control of his car and smashed into a tree. The half-ton of marijuana stored in the back seat slammed forward, crushing the smuggler and pinning him against the wheel.

The driver was en route from the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul, heading to Sao Paulo with his product when he was asked to stop by Federal Highway police at a road block in Bataguassu, 210 miles from Campo Grande.

Refusing to pull over, the man lead police on a 3-mile chase, which ended with the drug trafficker wrapping his car around a tree. The man died instantly, according to police.

His vehicle and marijuana were transported to the Bataguassu police station. Police have yet to identify the driver, as he had no identification with him.

Brazil has lenient laws on its citizens when it comes to personal consumption of drugs, the consequence normally being a warning or community service. But if a drug trafficker is caught smuggling and selling larger quantities of drugs, a conviction can land them between five and 15-years in prison.


The man died after he lost control of his car and hit a tree, resulting in his half-ton stock of weed stored in the backseat shooting forward, squashing him against the wheel


The vehicle was loaded with a half-ton of marijuana.


The marijuana was confiscated and taken to a local police station.


Brazil is lenient when it comes to personal consumption of drugs, but not when it involves trafficking.

[Daily Mail]

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