Banksy releases shocking footage of ‘Rebel Rocket Attack’ (VIDEO)

Banksy, the renown but anonymous graffiti artist, posted a video on his website Sunday of rebels shooting down a distant airborne Dumbo.

The video, titled Rebel Rocket Attack, shows terrorists launching a shoulder fired rocket towards a far off object. After a lengthy flight, the missile strikes its target and it plummets to the ground, leaving behind a trail of black smoke as it descends, reported

Calamity ensues as the once skyward object comes crashing right at the feet of the rebels. But it’s not a plane they shot down, but Dumbo, the flying elephant Disney character.

Banksy, the pseudonymous graffiti artist, political activist, and film director is known for his satirical street art that combines a unique stenciling technique with an underlying message.

The message of this video, if there is one, was not made clear by Banksy. Though, some fans have speculated it has to do with terrorism in Syria, as it closely resembles another YouTube video of rebels shooting down a helicopter.

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