The weapons of 'Zombie Wars' (VIDEO)

Joerg Sprave showing off some of the crazy-lethal homemade weapons that he expects to use for the upcoming “Zombie Wars” project. Sprave and his crew have tapped a cast and a director to produce a full-length movie. All they need is some backers.

“Making a Zombie movie that is world class and not trash isn’t cheap,” explains Sprave’s Indiegogo fundraiser page. “But due to our experience team and connections, we have managed to keep the budget low enough to make it feasible!

“We are looking for $190,000 as the total, and we’d love to raise all of that money here. This would allow us to stay 100% independent, without product placements and without investors breathing down our necks. However, even if we can’t get all of that money here, the movie will still happen — we’d just have to let in conventional investors.”

If you like zombies, and you like the Slingshot Channel, there’s no reason not to pitch in a little. Frankly, if you’ve followed Sprave anything like we have you’ve already watched hours and hours of his hijinks, and supporting “Zombie Wars” is a great way to say thank you.

If you’re interested in helping fight the good fight and help make an independent movie starring everyone’s favorite German mad slingshot scientist, go check out the Indiegogo fundraiser page.

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