Marine Corps tightens their grip on troop masturbation in Afghanistan


A notice was posted at Camp Leatherneck telling Marines to stop using port-a-potties as masturbation stations, or else.

It turns out the United States Marin Corps doesn’t much care for Marines using port-a-potties as a “masturbation facility.”

According to Business Insider, a notice was placed at Camp Leatherneck in Helmand province, Afghanistan, telling Marines to either stop masturbating in the port-a-potties or face “disciplinary action under Article 92 UCMJ,” a code that allows military command to prosecute troops for any “failure to obey an order or regulation.”


This may be the future for those who disobey the “no masturbation” notice.

Apparently, the notice came as a response to the illness caused by copious amounts of “bodily fluid discharge” that had been deposited in the masturbation facilities. No mention was made of what specific illness they were referring, but one Navy Corpsman and medic weighed in on the issue.

“Unless they’re getting semen in an open wound, there’s no way,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Eric Dodson, a Corpsman with 2nd Marine Division in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. “There’s no transdermal infection passable through semen, at least to my knowledge.”

So, until this matter is resolved, it seems the Marines at Camp Leatherneck are going to have to find another masturbation station to discharge their bodily fluid.

[ Business Insider ]

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