Idiot's guide to 'The Walking Dead' (VIDEO)

Can’t remember what happened at the end of season three? Don’t have time to marathon the whole series this weekend because you’ve got, what, leaves to rake?

Well good news, the Screen Junkies crew has put together a re-cap of everything leading up to the current season of “The Walking Dead,” which like “Breaking Bad,” if you’re not watching this, seriously, have you not spoken to anyone over the last five years? Watch these shows, they’re good for you.

Actually, “The Walking Dead” will have you screaming insults at the stupid, dangerous things the characters do, constantly, and also at bad gun stuff. Plus there is some naggy bickering because that’s apparently a thing you have to do for television these days.

But you’ll watch it anyway because it’s awesome otherwise.

Oh, and this shouldn’t even need saying, but spoiler alert.

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