Mateba 2006M review (VIDEO)

  • TYPE: Double-action/single action revolver
  • CALIBER: .38 Special, .357 Magnum
  • WEIGHT: 34.9 ounces (two-inch barrel and small grips), 37.7 ounces (four-inch barrel and medium grips), 40.6 ounces (six-inch barrel with large grips)
  • CONSTRUCTION: Blued steel, wood grips (also interchangeable; small, medium, large and target)
  • IMPORTATION HISTORY: There are currently two in the United States, both in my possession. A third is on its way to another Mateba collector
  • OTHER NOTES: This unusual revolver was based on Ghisoni’s MTR-6, the first Mateba with his trademark six-o’clock bore position. After a few changes, the MTR-6 became the 2006M. The cylinder swings upward to open instead of downward. It was the inspiration for Togusa’s revolver in the anime “Ghost in the Shell.”

So being that there are three, or maybe four, Mateba 2006M revolvers in the U.S. cuts down on anyone’s likelihood on ever shooting one of these, it’s still nice to be able to see them in action.

“With its six-o’clock bore position, felt recoil is minimal as is muzzle flip. This is most noticeable when switching between the 2006M and a conventional revolver. During extended sessions with the Mateba, it’s easy to forget how the upside down barrel is helping. Then, after switching to another .357 Magnum, which invariably demonstrates much greater muzzle rise, the difference is obvious.

“Because of the good trigger, good sights and low recoil, the gun is extremely satisfying to shoot. It has actually become one of my preferred range revolvers, which I’d never thought I’d say of a Mateba. They tend to shoot well, but can seem delicate or finicky. This gun has been totally reliable and seems perfectly capable of surviving thousands of rounds of .38 Special.”

It’s also hard to believe that this is actually a relative of the Chiappa Rhino, because this looks great, and the Chiappa is … I’ll just leave this space blank for Rhino fans.

You can read the full review here.

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