Gilboa rifles in 9mm and 7.62x39mm in slo-mo (VIDEO)

Gilboa needs to step on it and make an agreement to export that 9mm SMG as a semi-automatic pistol to IWI-US or anybody, seriously. Someone let them know Charles Daly and Tri-Star exist or something. 

9mm AR pistol with 8-inch barrel? Check. 

Billet 7075-T6 receivers? Check.

Tactical rails on every reasonable surface? Check.

Compact recoil system that doesn’t use a buffer tube? Check.

Accepts Glock magazines? Check and mate. 

Seriously, Gilboa, bring these and your 7.62x39mm piston-driven AR carbine that uses AK magazines and you’ll basically just print your own money.

Slo-mo footage courtesy Zahal.

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