Tempers flare between Piers Morgan and gun rights advocate over pro-gun protest to be held same day as Sandy Hook anniversary (VIDEO)

In a fiery interview with Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb and Piers Morgan, the two men exchanged heated bouts of dialogue as they argued over a pro-gun protest to be held on the anniversary of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

The already tense interview was quickly set off when Gottlieb shook his head and chuckled as Morgan defended his anti-gun stance by reading a quote from the family member of a victim from the Newtown massacre.

“That’s totally over the top,” Gottlieb said.

Outraged, Morgan accused Gottlieb of using the “worst mass shooting at a school in American history” as a launching platform to “promote the good side of guns,” and then reprimanded Gottlieb for laughing as he “read out a quote from one of the victim’s families.”

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Tempers flared as the two men argued about using the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre as a political launching point.

Gottlieb, becoming evidently upset, said, “I bet you’ll use that day to push your anti-gun agenda.”

Though Morgan was perturbed that Gottlieb would use the 1-year-anniversary of the Newtown shooting as a political vehicle, he responded, “You’re damn right I’ll use that day to promote gun safety in America. And I’ll do it on behalf of these families.”

Before the interview was over, tempers flared, Morgan called Gottlieb an idiot, and Gottlieb responded by accusing Morgan of using “emotional rhetoric.”

While Gottlieb was visibly angry, he may be comforted to know that Morgan may not be with CNN much longer. Guns.com recently reported that when Morgan’s contract expires in 2013, CNN head Jeff Zucker could not only move Morgan’s time slot, but cut all ties.

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