The Glock Bronie-Lorenz chaos reaction (VIDEO)

“The science behind this is that the atoms in the Tennifer (ferritic nitrocarburizing) of the Glock slide are arranged in what’s called a trollionic matrix. When you multiply a trollionic matrix by the ballsackian coefficient of the solution, you get what’s called a Bronie-Lorenz chaos reaction.”

Bet you didn’t know that mattv2099 was a non-Newtonian physicist, now didja?

You can get all different kinds of reactions when you put guns in vats of milk.

If you put a Walther into a vat of milk, then drink the milk, your teeth will turn crooked.

If you put an FN into a vat of milk and drink it, you’ll become ambidextrous.

If you put an XD or an M&P into a vat of milk, it will actually taste OK but later on your stomach will issue a voluntary mandatory recall.

If you put a SIG into a vat of milk, not only will it make rainbows, but it will also form a rigid diamond plate texture.

If you put a Ruger into a vat of milk, it will pull carbon out of the atmosphere and double in mass.

If you put an H&K into a vat of milk it actually gets whiter, then separates itself into butter, cream, milk and buttermilk.

If you put a 1911 in a vat of milk it turns to Bourbon.

Try it yourself, and report back here what happened to your milk!

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