Remington Model 783 rebate and giveaway, enter to win

Remington 783

The new Remington Model 783 is part of a new generation of inexpensive bolt-action rifles that take advantage of modern manufacturing and computer-controlled milling machines to produce inexpensive guns with the accuracy and features that most people have come to expect from premium rifles and custom shops.

remington Model 783 featuresWhile they’re not going to run circles around a truly custom rifle, they’re considerably better-performing than guns in the same price segment made using older machining techniques and designs. The Model 783 features a cylindrical receiver for ease of manufacturing as well as enhanced rigidity, part of what makes it smooth and accurate.

The end result is a new series of rifles chambered for popular game-hunting cartridges that come in at $400 or less and pack in the features including pillar-bedded stock free-floating barrels, adjustable target triggers, glassy bolts and enhanced buttstocks.

Simultaneously, these low-priced guns are simple and sturdy, built with heavy-contour button-rifled barrels and durable synthetic stocks. They’re fine for the firing line but meant to last in the field.

These guns have proven to deliver accuracy well above par even with commercial ammunition and matched with Remington’s HyperSonic ammo, capable of sub-MOA precision.

“When I looked downrange after my second shot and I could only see what looked like a single hole in the target I told myself that this could be very good or very bad, pushed the bolt forward and fired a third shot,” Rifle Shooter’s Brad Fitzpatrick said. “This time there was no doubt. The Model 783, pushing Remington’s new Hypersonic 150s, had produced a sub-MOA group right out of the box.”

Right now you can enter for a chance to win one of these new rifles in a sweepstakes currently being held on the Remington Facebook page.

Essentially, they want to know what’s most popular: the “CrossFire” adjustable trigger, the bedded stock and floating barrel, the detachable steel box magazine, the “Magnum”-contour barrel, the recoil pad or redesigned Remington-stamped bolt and shroud.

For all the details of the contest check out the Remington e-zine and to enter head over to their Facebook page. To throw your name into the hat, click the “Sweepstakes” tab under the Remington banner.

The winner will not only be rewarded with a Model 783 but also a case of HyperSonic ammunition; more than enough to get any shooter started with a new rifle.

If you want one of these new shooters but don’t want to wait for the drawing or wish to try your luck, Remington is making these inexpensive rifles even more affordable this fall with a $30 rebate.

It’s not a huge discount but given the fact that we’ve seen these rifles listed for as little as $360, it’s a significant rebate. Remington has several other rebates going on right now as well, and even if you’re not interested in the Model 783 you might see something you like.

Check out the Remington rebate page for all the current offers, and for all the details and specifications regarding the Model 783, check out the product page.

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