Introducing–drumroll–The Cool Mag!

the cool mag

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“The Cool Mag from Sunpower Systems is a totally new and innovative way to air cool your rifle. Utilizing a 12v 30 CFM fan powered by two 9v batteries to push 18v through the fan. The system is actuated buy a roller micro switch when the COOL MAG is put into the lower receiver.

“The COOL MAG blows air throughout the rifle cooling the upper and lower, the bolt and the barrel.

“Made from a Tapco mag this custom design is painstakingly made by hand with an aluminum plate fitted to hold the [sic] micro witch.

“Yes the fan is big but we took function over aesthetics, do you want to look cool or be cool. We can also fit this system in any mag, fron AK to 308 mags, but you have to send us a mag!”

How many times have you been in the desert, rapid-firing five or six hundred rounds of ammo and then discovered, you still have 1,000 rounds to go but your rifle’s just too gosh darn hot to handle?

What you need is the Cool Mag!

A must-have for any range kit, the Cool Mag pumps a combination of nitrogen and other gasses up through your rifle’s magazine well, into the chamber and out the barrel for super-fast cooling, thanks to a powerful 12-volt fan that’s running at 50 percent over rating at a whopping 18 volts!

Stop using all that expensive water to cool your firearms and get them back and ready for the line with the Cool Mag! Save the environment, too!

Yours now for just one low payment of $109 ($9 shipping charges will apply)!

What are you waiting for, get yours today!


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