**GRAPHIC** Brazilian police officer thwarts armed robbery, fatally shoots two suspects (VIDEO)

Two robbers, at least one of them armed with a handgun, were fatally shot by police as they attempted to flee a pizzeria in Botucatu, Brazil.

In this graphic CCTV footage, the masked men are seen entering an otherwise calm pizzeria, brandishing a weapon and introducing chaos to the small shop. The employees standing behind the counter allow the men to take what appears to be cash from the register.

After cleaning out the register, both men turn to leave, but as they pass by a sliding glass door a police officer opens fire from outside, shattering the pane glass and striking them both.

The man in the black shirt crumples to the ground and only his feet are visible on the CCTV footage. The man in the white shirt hits the floor and struggles to his feet but appears to be shot again.

According to the original poster of the video, both men died of their gunshot wounds while still inside the pizzeria.

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