'Gun Control In a Vacuum' (VIDEO)

I have been thinking about this since Mr. Colion Noir released this video as there was something that struck me as missing from this otherwise, and as per usual, convincing argument.

I don’t think people who want gun control in the form of mandatory background checks want the process in place because it may have some effect on violence or crime. Yes, that is the justification that many people make and even believe themselves when they call for legislation like mandatory background checks. But that’s not the only thing that’s compelling them, whether they’re aware of it or not.

People who fight for mandatory background checks don’t just dislike guns, they dislike gun owners. They want to make it a bureaucratic hassle for people to acquire guns. Everyone knows how much of a pain it can be to work with government for even the most simple things like getting a car registered or mailing a package — there is an intense loathing for these processes that’s universally known to adults everywhere.

And that’s what they’re looking to stick gun owners and potential gun owners with alike. Bureaucracy.

These people do care about hurting criminals and stemming actual violence; but they also know they can’t reach into that world with legislation. About that they don’t care. They just want to screw with their gun-owning peers because they know their votes are just as valid.

Of course, it also implements a system that can be used to funnel gun owners through future installments of increasing bureaucracy and that’s equally appealing.

Just my two cents, as it were.

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