Meet the Primary Weapon Systems 'Ranger Proof' limited edition rifle


Primary Weapon Systems, aka PWS, is one of the best-recognized industry leaders in the world of piston-driven AR-type rifles. And for a short run they’ve turned their skills towards making a standout flagship limited-edition rifle.

They’re calling it the “Ranger Proof Edition” PWS rifle. As is their specialty, the Ranger Proof rifle uses their gas-piston system, but that not all that makes it shine.

The Ranger Proof Limited Edition rifle come with an extended 15-inch lightweight, free-floating Keymod rail that runs the full length of the 16-inch barrel with just the compensator exposed. Included are two Keymod Picatinny rail sections for accessories. The compensator they’ve selected is their own in-house design, the Flash Suppressing Compensator (FSC) which is designed to keep muzzle flash down while doing everything to make the gun shoot flat.

The barrel itself is also an interesting component. PWS went with a barrel chambered for .223 Wylde, which is designed to work well with both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO without running into any of the issues associated with shooting 5.56 out of a .223 barrel and vice-versa.


The barrel is then given an Isonite salt bath nitride finish for improved hardness and accuracy over the more common chrome-lining. Finally, the barrel has a one-in-eight twist for compatibility with the widest possible selection of cartridges and bullet weights.

Primary Weapon Systems went the distance with the other parts as well, selecting a single-stage CMC 3.5-pound flat competition trigger, Rainier Arms Raptor charging handle and a good amount of Magpul parts and accessories used as well, including Gen 2 MBUS backup iron sights, an STR buttstock and MOE pistol grip and trigger guard. They’ve also included one 30-round Magpul PMAG.

They’ve put in a good number of their own premium parts as well, including an enhanced bolt carrier group, tilt-proof buffer tube and custom end plate with additional QD sling swivel sockets.

M116RA1BRP_L_4Finishing the package is their Ranger Proof logo engraved on the magwell, signifying that it is one of the limited edition rifles. It’s almost sad to say that Primary Weapon Systems is only manufacturing 50 of these impressive guns.

With these premium parts and features it’s not surprising that the Ranger Proof Limited Edition rifles also come with a $2,200 price tag. But clearly Primary Weapon Systems is making sure their customers are getting their money’s worth. These are great-looking guns with no shortage of desirable features.

For all the details head over to the Ranger Proof Limited Edition product page.

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