Anvil Aerospace Hornet F7C Fighter Jet: Domestic Emergency (VIDEO)

Remember the glorious olden days of Privateer, Freelancer and Wing Commander where you could blast pirate ships into the deep, dark void of space? If you’re an old school gamer you do. These kids nowadays have no idea what the last generation of gaming was like. Spoiled. That’s what they are.

Well, if you enjoyed being a space merc, taking on any and every mission you could possibly get your hands on, but always yearned for a more expansive outer space universe, you’re in luck.

Chris Roberts, the game developer behind the aforementioned titles, has long been working on an upcoming game: Star Citizen. If you’re interested in strapping the biggest Gatling blasters money can buy to your barely space-worthy pirate vessel, head over to to check out the progress and learn more about what the game entails.

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