Florida woman arrested for squirt-gun water attack on boyfriend


Giovanna Borge was arrested for domestic violence after squirting her boyfriend with a squirt gun.

A water gun fight escalated all the way up to a vigorous pillow fight in a very unusual domestic violence case, leaving one 19-year-old Florida woman incarcerated for “squirting water on [her boyrfriend].”

According to a police report from the Port St. Lucie Police Department, Giovanna Borge’s boyfriend was sitting in his room quietly playing XBOX when the trouble started. Unprovoked, Borge threw open the door and began screaming at her boyfriend before dousing him with a toy water gun.

The boyfriend, refusing to stand for having his video game interrupted, swiftly sprung into action, strike Borge with a pillow before seeking his ultimate retribution: pouring water on her.


After a water fight, a violent pillow fight ensued, followed by shoving that left both parties in the bathtub.

Some mutual shoving ensued that eventually led to both parties ending up in the bathtub – an even greater source of water. But according to three witnesses in the apartment, the boyfriend could be heard shouting, “Get off of me! Get off of me!”

Ultimately, Borge was determined to be the dominant aggressor and was taken to jail to think about her water gun escapade. She was charged with Simple Battery/Domestic Violence for “squirting water on [her boyfriend] to antagonize and agitate him against his wishes.”

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