Russia's amphibious ADS to enter service (VIDEO)

“Russian arms manufacturers have unveiled a new technological marvel — the world’s first ever machine gun capable of shooting both underwater and on land. The Russian Special Forces units will soon be armed with the new assault rifle.

“Designed by Russia’s Tula Instrument Design Bureau the ADS gun can shoot underwater using a special cartridge, which in size is suitable for the standard magazine case Kalashnikov assault rifle. To fire under water or on land, one only needs to replace the magazine of the 5.45 millimeter automatic rifle.

“‘Until now underwater fighters were compelled to use two types of weapon – for use under water and the Kalashnikov for overland firing. Now it is only necessary to replace the ammunition magazine,’ Nikolay Komarov, head of department of foreign economic relations of the manufacturer in Tula told

“The ADS is also equipped with a 40 mm grenade launcher. Developers believe that its effectiveness and accuracy are comparable if not greater than the legendary AK-47m.

“The first ever machine gun of its kind was presented by the Russian developers at the XVII international arms exhibition in Moscow called Interpolitex 2013 and in the near future will be deployed in the service by the Russian Defense Ministry.”

So Russia’s finally rolling out their underwater assault rifle. It’s been a few years in development, having gone through several other iterations in the past couple of years of redesigns.

The ADS was first unveiled in the year 2000. It is now entering service. While the Russian defense ministry is showing it off as the first of its kind there have been several cartridge designs that have been used to make conventional rifles shoot underwater, accurately and with good terminal ballistics, using supercavitating projectiles. It would appear that the ADS uses similar cartridges in addition to having a rifle designed for use underwater.

[Russia Today]

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