Sleep sound with the Patriot Pillow (VIDEO)

“In an emergency, it greatly reduces reaction time — faster than sorting through a drawer, grabbing at something under the bed or finding an item in the closet. In addition, another feature is the design allows for the discharge of a firearm from within the pillow, literally making it a defense method within reach at a moment’s notice.

“Because patriotism never sleeps!”

Security through obscurity, yes, still somewhat terrifying. On the other hand, if you love the smell of Hoppe’s — and let’s face it, everyone loves the smell of Hoppe’s — this pillow can comfort in more ways than one.

And it comes with a lifetime guarantee should you ever need to go Steven Segal and shoot someone without drawing your gun from the pillow. You can’t ask more from a cushion!

Get yours today, just $20!

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