Have a blast this Halloween with DIY exploding pumpkins (VIDEO)

Have you ever wondered what happens when you drop a spoonful of CaC2 into a cup of water and then place those contents into an already carved out pumpkin with the pieces left in place, and then put a flame to the now highly flammable acetylene gas that has bee produced?

Me too!

Thankfully, the “King of Random” Grant Thompson is here to answer that question and save the day with nothing but a video of an exploding pumpkin under just such circumstances. Thank Halloween for YouTube.

If after watching the video you are left with a deep void of longing to create your very own exploding pumpkin, check out the step-by-step instruction manual on Instructables. Because nowadays, there’s a guide for everything.

Happy Halloween!


Step 1: Perforate a poor pumpkin, then mix your CaC2 with water.


Step 2: Place said contents inside pumpking, wait, then light fuse.


Step 3: Enjoy murderous exploding pumpkin carnage and have a happy Halloween!

[ Laughing Squid ]

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