Photo of the Day: Glock to the future


Full of Weapons posted this photo of a heavily-customized Lone Wolf pistol to their Facebook page. I don’t think a single part of this gun was actually made by Glock but we’ll call it a Glock for Glock’s sake.

Transparent polymers are generally not adequate for hard use, but as far as showcase models go, this is pretty neat. I’m not a huge fan of the Lone Wolf zany slides but they show off their capabilities well. If you’re at all into Glocks you should check out Lone Wolf Distributing. They really bam things up a kick.

As cool as this is, it’s safe to say that what Glock needs to do is come out with a single-stack slim-frame 9mm. Give it a 7+1 capacity and call it the Glock 7. They would sell faster than they could build them. People would by them today even if they were shipped without barrels, only an IOU.

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