Springfield shipping 'upgraded' XD-S pistols (VIDEO)

The repair and upgrade process for all the recalled XD-S pistols is fully underway with customers getting their pistols back in numbers. Many of people who sent theirs in the first couple of days of the recall notice have received their pistols or will soon.

This was a hard hit to Springfield’s image, although the XD-series of handguns has been incredibly successful. This is the first major recall of any guns in the XD family. It took extra time the fix wasn’t straight-forward, requiring Springfield to engineer a new type of grip safety as well as other new internals to ensure that these guns would not slam-fire or double-fire, which was the nature of the issue.

If you own an XD-S and haven’t checked to make sure your gun isn’t affected by this problem, do so now as the risk of a problem gun unintentionally firing is very real.

All future XD-S pistols will be manufactured with the new fire control group and grip safety.

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