Hunter narrowly dodges death, leaps from tree stand to escape helicopter tree trimmer (VIDEO)


A hunter barely dodged a helicopter powered tree trimmer when it diced through his tree stand.

A deer hunter leapt from his tree stand moments before being diced to pieces by the whirring blades of a tree trimmer dangling from a helicopter.

Darren “Andy Royalty was perched in a tree stand on his private property in Medora, Indiana, when a helicopter approached with deadly rotating blades suspended beneath it. The helicopter-powered saw was in the process of trimming trees surrounding power lines when Royalty noticed it was heading directly towards him, WBIW reported.

Royalty jumped from his stand as the blades tore through his perch, splintering the tree along with his gear. The hunter’s life was spared, and while no video was captured of the incident, below is a video of the same type of trimmer at work.

[ WBIW ]

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