Uzi Pro reaches American shores (VIDEO)


Israeli Weapon Industries is announcing the arrival of Uzi Pro 9mm pistols in the U.S. These have been long-awaited since the company set up shop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and have been almost as anticipated as IWI’s Tavor bullpup rifle.

The Uzi Pro is the latest rendition of the iconic Uzi submachine gun made fore the commercial market. It combines the proven design of the Micro-Uzi with a redesigned lower that provides more conventional controls and a more comfortable grip.

IWI opted to use polymer for the lower to reduce the weight of the design down to 3.7 pounds when they started working on the Uzi Pro in 2010. After initial testing, the Israeli Defense Force has ordered 8,000 Uzi Pros for service.

In addition to having a contoured grip that fits the hand better than the original, somewhat blocky grip of the Uzi, the Uzi Pro’s grip is fit with a standard pistol magazine release at the trigger guard as opposed to a heel release. The Uzi Pro maintains the manual safety as well as the grip safety.

UZI-UP9S (2)The new polymer frame has an extended rail for accessories such as a weapon light or laser sight.

The upper receiver has also been modified by moving the cocking handle to the left side to allow for a Picatinny rail on the top for optics. Otherwise the upper uses the same tested stamped-steel  construction.

Like the submachine gun, the commercial Uzi Pro uses a direct-blowback operation. While the Pro is lighter than the Micro-Uzi, weighing more than 3 1/2 pounds, it’s sure to handle the recoil with ease.

The Uzi Pro is a very sleek, modern update to the Uzi design that’s destined for success with American shooters. The pistols come with one 20-round and one 25-round magazine.

With their impressive capacity, 4.5-inch barrel and robust design, IWI-US will have no problems moving these pistols. They have a suggested retail price of $1,099, which means they should be available for $800 to $900, however, initial demand may keep the price closer to retail until the excitement dies down.

For more details and specifications head over to the Uzi Pro product page.

Range toy or legitimate self-defense pistol (or both)? What are your thoughts?

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