Halloween gunman prank: Kid armed with toy rifle chases people down (VIDEO)

In a day and age where children are frequently suspended from school for drawing pictures of or even pantomiming a gun, and after one California teen was fatally shot by deputies for carrying a toy AK-47 down the street, one man thought it would be a hilarious Halloween prank to pretend to be a gunman, don a mask, and chase people down with an Airsoft rifle.

This is probably one of the most efficient ways to be shot by a concealed weapons carrier, by law enforcement, or for that matter, sustain great bodily injury or death at the hands of anybody who fears for their life.

According to the original poster’s YouTube channel, the rifle he was carrying was “NOT A REAL GUN,” and “thought [he] would do a crazy Halloween prank.” He (wisely) advises that nobody try this prank at home as “the consequences are endless,” but “funny as hell to do though lol :)”

THIS IS A TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, AWFUL IDEA and should not be done by anyone under any circumstances.

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