This is what an armored car looks like after a Mexican cartel hit

armored car mexican cartel

A group of organized gunmen attempted to assassinate the Michoacán secretary of security (and the driver and everyone else in the vehicle) having put over 350 shots on target.

All the passengers survived, thanks to the vehicle’s armor and “the blessings of God.”

An estimated dozen gunmen, armed with ARs, AKs, G3s, .50 BMG rifles and 40mm grenades ambushed the secretary’s convoy.

The passenger side window was cratered after the gunmen hit the vehicle with a grenade, but the vehicle, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, got everyone home safe and intact.

The Jeep is now on display with the company that armored it, Transportadora de Protección y Seguridad (TPS), as a sort of trophy.

[ via Funker Tactical]

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