Update: New video emerges of clerk who survived armed robbery by cellphone that stopped bullet (VIDEO)

New video has emerged of the Wintergarden, Florida, Hess Gas Station clerk who survived an armed robbery when his HTC cellphone stopped a bullet from the gunman’s revolver.

The new LiveLeak CCTV video shows the clerks being swarmed by the armed robber, cloaked in a black hoody and stooping over the register as he pillages the till for cash. The male clerk is seen gesturing for the gunman to leave, and while he obliges, the crook fires a solitary round at the clerk before fleeing the store on foot.

The clerk reels over from the blast before pulling up his shirt to examine the point of impact. Much to his surprise, the bullet was stopped dead in its tracks by his HTC cellphone.

Though the clerk did sustain an injury from being shot, he walked away relatively unscathed. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment and later released after being treated for minor injuries.

[ LiveLeak ]

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