The moving story of the Delta flight that returned a fallen warrior back to his family (VIDEO)

A travel expert experienced something new while aboard Delta Flight 2255 from Atlanta to Los Angeles. At the beginning of the journey, the flight attendant welcomed passengers by thanking the several uniformed military personnel on-board for serving our country. As the flight came to a close, the captain notified the passengers the plane had been transporting a fallen warrior, and what came next was nothing short of beautiful.


Delta Flight 2255 was more than just transportation for the passengers. It also escorted a fallen warrior back to his family.

A quiet reverence fell over the cabin as the captain explained a military escort was also present on-board and requested everyone keep their seats until the soldiers had cleared the plane. After landing and while taxing on the tarmac, fire trucks greeted them with a water cannon salute, dousing the plane with water that dripped down the windows like silent tears. A full police escort accompanied the aircraft, front and rear, as it pulled into the gate, the Huffington Post reported.

The family of the fallen warrior stood with the United States Army Honor Guard, peering out towards their loved one as he made his way back home.

An escort stood at attention as the cabin door opened and a military officer stepped aboard, telling the passengers, โ€œI just addressed the escort. It is a sworn oath to bring home, to the family, the fallen,โ€ he paused before continuing. โ€œToday you all did that, you are all escorts, escorts of the heart.โ€ The officer thanked the passengers before departing.


Instead of hurrying home or off to work, the passengers stood and watched as the fallen warrior was reunited with family.

The hush continued to blanket the cabin as the travelers watched the LAX baggage handlers and a military loadmaster remove the flag covered casket from the cargo hold. A woman, possibly the mother or the wife of the warrior, approached the casket as a dozen Honor Guards held a salute. She placed her hand upon the casket and the mission was complete. Her loved one was home.

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