Containment Conflicts: ICON 1000 sells motorcycle clothing with shoot-em-up zombie film

In this film short a pair of battle-hardened zombie hunters tear through the undead hoards on motorcycles, mowing them down while looking excessively stylish in their ICON 1000 apparel.

You can never look too good while setting off to save a damsel in distress. Decked out with ICON clothing, the dynamic duo tracks their mark to an abandoned building, only it’s full of zombies. After cutting through dozens of Walkers and going subterranean, the leather-clad team finds their woman, who seems to be handling the herd quite fine on her own.

Finally above ground, the reunited team celebrates. But the tone quickly turns serious when it is discovered one of them has been bitten. With a steely resolve, the heroine picks up her rifle, and does what she has to do.

Thanks for that little jewel ICON. Check out more of their awesome motorcycle gear here and watch other ICON videos on Vimeo.

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