Tomahawk-throwing champion grabs an axe, chases burglar out of her house


Tomahawk-throwing requires great skill to perform well.

A burglar found out first-hand the dangers of his profession when he woke up a tomahawk-throwing champion who chased the crook out of her house.

The Southern California Woman told police she was a “tomahawk-throwing” champion, and when she woke up from a dead sleep and found 22-year-old Nicholas Ulloa looming over her bed trying to remove her wristwatch, the champion sprung into action, Circa reported.

According to police, the unidentified woman “armed herself with a throwing ax and chased the suspect from her residence.” Having successfully scared the living daylights out of Ulloa, the man dove into some nearby bushes, where police found him huddled around a bag of the woman’s belongings.

Ulloa was arrested and charged with first-degree burglary.


Nicholas Ulloa didn’t think he would encounter a Tomahawk-throwing champion while burglarizing his victim.

[ Circa ]

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