Patriot Profiles: Highest Honor, NRA Life of Duty looks at MOA recipient Dakota Meyer (VIDEO)

NRA Life of Duty presents Patriot Profiles: Highest Honor Part 1. The short film chronicles the life of Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, a boy who grew roaming the corn and tobacco fields of his Columbia, Kentucky home.

Meyer quickly outgrew his rural farm town however, and when he spotted a Marine wearing his uniform and looking like he owned the entire state of Kentucky, the then teenager was immediately drawn.

Several hours later, the Marine was inside Meyer’s house talking with his parents and the teen’s interest in joining the United States Marine Corps.

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Meyer put his very life on the line to save 24 of his fellow Marines and 12 Afghan soldiers, landing him the Medal of Honor and the celebrity spotlight.

From there, Meyer found himself thrust into battle while deployed in Afghanistan, fighting off 50 heavily armed Taliban insurgents and pinned down from incoming fire. He was told to stay out of the kill zone and hunker down. But the bullheaded Marine didn’t listen.

Then Corporal Meyer and then Staff Sgt. Juan Rodriguez-Chavez commandeered a Humvee and raced into the fray. Meyer manned the turret while Chavez navigated through the chaos.

After several trips to hell and back, the team saved 24 Marines and 12 Afghan soldiers. During the six-hour gun battle, Meyer also managed to kill at least eight enemy combatants.

Meyer’s insanely heroic actions in September of 2009 landed him a Medal of Honor and the spotlight of celebrity.

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