Just shootin' his 12-gauge Streetsweeper (VIDEO)

It’s pretty clear that the reason this shotgun was banned was because of the name. May as well be considered a ban on safety grounds, though. The fact that pulling the trigger is required to unload the magazine is terrifying; there are people who won’t buy a gun that requires a trigger pull for field stripping.

Ian McCollum at Forgotten Weapons has more on this gem of a junk shotgun:

“The more refined South African Striker guns used the vertical front grip to load and wind the drum and featured automatic ejection of spent shell cases, but the version built in the US and marketed as the Streetsweeper (could they really have picked a worse name?) was a simpler and cheaper design.

“The Streetsweeper has a winding key on the front of the drum, and shells must be manually ejected with a rod much like a Colt Peacemaker revolver. It also ‘features’ a nice cylinder gap, and sprays gas and particulates for out the front of the drum onto the shooter’s forearm and out the back into the shooter’s face.

“The trigger is a double-action type similar to a revolver’s, except that the first stage releases a catch and allows the drum to rotate one position under spring tension, where a revolver rotates with pressure supplied from the trigger mechanism. The second stage of the Streetsweeper (I feel dirty just typing that name) trigger releases the hammer to fire a round.

“In 1994, the Treasury Department issued a finding that the Striker-12 and Streetsweeper shotguns did not have a sporting purpose. Since they have bore diameters over .50 inch (as do all 12ga and 20ga shotguns), this redefined them as Destructive Devices under the NFA. As such, existing ones had to be registered with the ATF, and sale of one today requires a $200 tax stamp and the standard NFA transfer process. The side effect, however, is that barrel length of destructive devices is unregulated, and to the guns can be cut down to 12 inches (the shortest convenient length, given the handguard) barrels without any other paperwork or legal issues.”

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