Confirmed: Mossberg planning MVP bolt gun in .308 for 2014 (VIDEO)

Mossberg let slip that they are working on an MVP rifle chambered for .308 Winchester, something they planned on officially announcing it at SHOT Show in January 2014.

The MVP rifle was introduced a couple of years ago and was an instant success. The MVP is an all-purpose bolt-action rifle chambered for 5.56 NATO or .223 Remington that is capable of impressive accuracy for any gun in its class. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it uses universally-common AR-15 magazines.

The MVP was so successful that Mossberg has developed an entire series of MVP rifles, currently five different models of MVP including the target/benchrest Varmint, a custom Thunder Ranch model designed by Clint Smith and two tactical MVPs, the Patrol, which comes with fiber-optic iron sights and the Flex, which uses Mossberg’s interchangeable stock system. This is in addition to the first Predator model.


Note: these are the 5.56/.223 models; stock photos of the .308 rifles isn’t out yet.

The new .308 MVP is similar in that it uses DPMS-pattern magazines. While not as common as AR-10 magazines they are available in many different capacities, particularly low capacities for hunters who live in jurisdictions that have magazine capacity limits in the field. That could explain why Mossberg chose the DPMS design for a rifle that will no doubt be popular with game-getters.

Like the .223 models the .308 MVP is guaranteed to shoot 1 MOA or less with appropriate ammunition. Initially Mossberg will offer two .308 MVPs, a Flex model, which like the .223 model uses Mossberg Flex stocks and a Predator model with a traditional straight laminate stock just like the original Predator.

Without a doubt there will be more MVPs chambered for .308, in configurations likely similar to the .223 MVPs, for shooters of all types including hunters, target shooters and law enforcement.

Mossberg doesn’t have detailed information posted about these guns but it’s safe to assume that they, like the 4×4 rifles the MVP series is based on, will come in at around 7 pounds, give or take a 1/4 pound, and have prices in the $600 to $700 range, making them particularly accessible to shooters even on a limited budget.

All in all, this is very good news from Mossberg. They will have no problems finding buyers for their .308 MVPs. While some people might be upset about the magazine, most people are only upset that Mossberg hasn’t released these sooner.

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