Former Marine, now waitress denied tip because of ‘gay lifestyle’ gets overwhelming support by public (VIDEO)

A waitress, who’s also a former Marine, in Bridgewater, New Jersey, was shorted a tip on a $93.55 bill on Thursday because a mother disagreed with her “gay lifestyle.” After the rude encounter, the waitress posted the receipt along with her story on Facebook and it has since gone viral.


This message came after the mother had already made a degrading comment when Morales first introduced herself.

Dayna Morales introduced herself to a family of four as their server at the Gallop Asian Bistro, she said. The mother was apparently taken aback by Morales’ short hair and callously commented, “Oh, I thought you were gonna’ say your name is Dan. You sure surprised us!”

Going through the rigors of becoming a United States Marine, Morales was accustomed to stressful situations, but this one in particular nearly exhausted her patience.

“It took every fiber of my being not to spit in their food and say something,” Morales wrote in an email to Have A Gay Day. “Not gonna’ lie if kids weren’t there it would have been a totally different story.”

Unfortunately, the rude treatment didn’t stop there. Morales discovered a note on the check after the family paid for their meal.

“Sorry, I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and the way you live your life,” the mother wrote.


A former Marine, Morales served to protect the mother’s right to free speech.

Morales was spurred into action over the incident and decided to show ‘em that ol’ Marine Corps spirit. She took to spreading her message across social media and letting the family and everyone else know that she won’t stand for that kind of treatment.

“NEVER in a million years did I think this would happen,” Morales wrote. “I am THOROUGHLY offended mad pissed off and hurt that THIS is what her kids will grow up learning and that I served in the Marines to keep ignorant people like them free.”

Even though Morales was denied a tip, she gave the mother one for free.

“Keep your damn mouth shut and pray we never cross paths again,” she wrote.

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