Intelligence Squared debate over current usefulness of Second Amendment rights (VIDEO)

Intelligence Squared held a debate Thursday night on whether the “Constitutional right to bear arms has outlived its usefulness” or if it is as equally pertinent today as it was at its conception.

Those for the motion include Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, Alan M. Dershowitz, and Professor of Law and of Government at the University of Texas Law School, Sanford Levinson.

Those against the motion include Research Director of the Independence Institute, David Kopel, and Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law, Eugene Volokh.

In the nearly two-hour long discussion the men talk about the Second Amendment, the correlation between gun ownership and homicide rates in the U.S., and the evolution of firearms and our country.

In order to view the full debate, click “Watch Full Program” on the bottom right of the video.

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