SCCY CPX-2 review by hickok45 (VIDEO)

cpx2-black-prod01 cpx2-stainless-prod02

We’ve talked about the SCCY pistols before. This one was finicky but they’re very well-made, especially for the price. They wouldn’t be the first ammo-particular guns or guns that require a break-in period ever made and if that’s the trade-off for saving a couple hundred dollars over comparable-quality guns then it’s not a bad one.

That being said, double-action only guns aren’t for everybody. They take some more practice than other trigger types, even if the SCCY trigger is smooth and predictable.

They are a bit bulky in the grip for having a 10+1 capacity, but the size of the grip makes the felt recoil for such a light pistol go down.

If you’re interested in a budget concealed-carry pistol or want an inexpensive backup gun you might want to look into SCCY Industries. For more hickok45 head over to his YouTube Channel.

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