SIG Sauer launching two new M400 AR-15 rifles: Muddy Girl and Predator


SIG Sauer is expanding on its recently-introduced M400 series of direct-impingement AR-15 rifles. They are more conventional rifles that don’t use SIG’s piston-driven operation. The two new rifles are the Muddy Girl, a dirty pink camo-patterned all-purpose carbine, and the Predator, a compact variant of their Varminter small-to-medium game rifle.

The Muddy Girl prominently features Moon Shine Attitude Attire’s increasingly popular pink, purple, black and white camo print on its Magpul MOE furniture. The Magpul handguard, butt stock and pistol grip sport the camo pattern although the 30-round Pmag does not.

It’s a straightforward rifle with a carbine-length gas system and uses a railed gas block for use with aftermarket sights. A fairly light build, the Muddy Girl weighs in a just 6 pounds, 7 ounces. The Muddy Girl has a military standard 1-in-7 rate of twist favoring heavier ammo and a 16-inch chrome-lined, phosphated barrel fit with a standard A2-style flash hider.

The Muddy Girl is clearly targeted for women and girls and would make a fine AR for shooters of all types.


The M400 Predator is at the other end of the AR spectrum. As stated, it’s a shorter version of SIG’s Varminter, a rifle for dispatching small game and troublesome pests. That being said, it has an accuracy advantage that also makes it a fine entry-level competition rifle.

The only difference between the Predator and the Varminter is the barrel length. The Predator has a shorter carbine-length 18-inch barrel while the Varminter has an extended rifle-length 22-inch barrel. The barrel has a 1-in-8-inch twist for a wide variety of ammo weights and is rated to be sub-MOA in terms of accuracy with target ammo.

ar_accThe 18-inch barrel is solid stainless steel with a low-profile gas block and no muzzle device apart from the threaded end cap. The barrel is free-floated as the Predator uses an free-floating Hogue aluminum hand guard. The hand guard is somewhat modular and can be upgraded with a “Picatinny Cuff” that adds three small rail sections and an additional sling swivel stud.

In terms of other accessories the Predator uses SIG’s new overmolded pistol grip, a fixed carbine stock from Magpul and a five-round magazine.

It is an “optics ready” platform which means the rifle does not come with sights or a scope. SIG has left this decision to the end users who without a doubt have different optics needs. This is a nice alternative to the Predator for anyone who wants to save some weight in a shorter package. While the Varminter isn’t terribly heavy at 8 pounds, one ounce, the Predator is a svelt rifle at just 6 pounds, 1 ounce.

Both the Muddy Girl and Predator use SIG’s in-house lower receiver design that has been reinforced for hard use and includes two addition quick-detach sling points at the buffer tower.

Like many SIG products, these are somewhat premium guns and command a price that’s a bit more than many entry-level AR-pattern rifles. Priced just under $1,400 the Muddy Girl has an MSRP of $1,394 and the Predator $1,384. Still, those are suggested prices and will likely retail for around $1,000 to $1,100, give or take, in the real world.

For all the details and specifications check out the Muddy Girl and Predator product pages.

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