Virginia cops Taser man for 42 consecutive seconds (VIDEO)

Normally, when a Taser is deployed, the electrical charge lasts for five seconds. But Fredericksburg police investigators are working to determine if a 42 consecutive second Taser deployment by their officers last Saturday night was justified.

The incident began when one of the suspects involved hit five parked cars as he sped through downtown Fredericksburg. While the driver managed to escape, the passenger Lantz Day, 36, was detained by do-gooding bystanders until Fredericksburg Police arrived, NBC Washington reports.

Police said Day threatened to cause great bodily harm to anyone who called for help, but because of the video that has circulated online, the police department has launched an investigation to determine whether to determine if the 42-second Taser deployment was justified.

When officers responded to the scene, Day became violent and threatened to cause harm to the officers. Day was struck with the probes of a Taser and had electrifying current jolted through his body for 42 consecutive seconds. He is heard yelling, “Stop it! Stop it!”

Fredericksburg police arrested Day and transported him to the Rappahannock Regional Jail with a $3,500 bond.

[ NBC Washington ]

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