Rumors Confirmed: TrackingPoint fired CEO, board wants "change in direction", company says

Jason Schauble

Jason Schauble, former CEO of TrackingPoint. (Photo credit: TrackingPoint) confirmed the rumor that TrackingPoint fired its CEO Jason Schauble on Nov. 15.

“The board of directors felt there needed to be a change in direction,” a company spokesman told and added that the company will make an official statement within the next few days on the change in leadership, along with TrackingPoint’s 2014 product offerings.

Schauble started as CEO of TrackingPoint in May 2013. Before that he was the Vice President of Remington Defense, and he was a highly decorated officer in the U.S. Marine Corps.

TrackingPoint released its initial product offerings, “smart rifles,” in January at the 2013 SHOT Show. Since then the company has received high praise and recognition for innovation in the gun industry, expanded its catalog to include more economical products and announced that the company will expand, adding 100 jobs next year.

TrackingPoint’s innovative “Precision Guided Firearms” allow users to tag a target inside a scope and hit exactly what he or she tagged. Before a round is launched, the trigger must be pressed, held and the sights must be realigned. To make this lock and launch technology possible, the PGFs are equipped with a slew of hardware, software and features.

TrackingPoint’s board includes the company’s founder John McHale along with members from other tech companies, retired military and investment firms.

When the company introduced its products to the world, the company marketed the guns for hunting and long-range shooting.

Paul Franz, TrackingPoint Vice President of sales, told at a demonstration in August that the company sold its first batch of orders, many to safari hunters, by springtime, but did not say how many.

However, Franz confirmed that military and law enforcement applications were in the works, but did not explain with who or what company.

We’ll have more on this story within the next few days.

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