Duck Hunt to Drunk Hunt: Nintendo cartridge hip flasks (VIDEO)

Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flask (2)

Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flask (3)

Because it’s perfectly normal to walk around with an old Nintendo cartridge in your pocket.

Nah, screw that, these are really cool flasks for the old-school console gamers out there. Show your pride and lift a glass to those early days of eight bit with the Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flask.

Yes, it is a Kickstarter project, but they’ve already raised enough money to guarantee a production run, so no worries there.

For $15 you can get the Drunk Hunt cartridge, the rest run $20. For $50 you can get a limited gold edition of the Legend of Drink, and it goes up from there to include a custom one-off Nintendo cartridge parody of your choice.

Head over to Kickstarter to get yours. Only five days left to get in on the first batch.

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