5.11 Tactical to sponsor NASCAR, develop new uniforms


Not too long ago the idea of a race uniform was little more than a wool sweater and a leather cap. Today with race technologies challenging aerospace ventures a Racemaster and a tweed cap aren’t going to cut it. That’s why 5.11 Tactical is teaming up with NASCAR to develop the best uniforms for the NASCAR officials.

Naturally they will also offer their NASCAR apparel to the general public as well. The new lineup of NASCAR gear is expected to hit stores in 2014.

“The hard-working men and women that are tasked with officiating nearly 200 NASCAR sanctioned races each year should be outfitted with uniforms that ensure optimum performance and comfort throughout the demanding 10-month race season,” said Jim O’Connell, NASCAR’s chief sales officer. “5.11 Tactical has proven to be a leader in developing tactical apparel and we are proud to add yet another brand to our family of Official Partners this year.”

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5.11 Tactical, which mainly manufactures rugged workwear for law enforcement, military, hunters and people who carry concealed firearms everywhere, is the seventh company to partner with NASCAR this year and joins the Eaton Corporation, Duralast, HP, Liberty Tire Recycling, Prevost and Sherwin-Williams.

5.11 Tactical has to make race uniforms that are comfortable in all climates while staying strong and flexible. They expect to unveil the line at the top of the year.

“5.11 Tactical is proud to partner with NASCAR and we look forward to developing innovative gear that can help benefit the sport,” said Bob Neapole of 5.11 Tactical. “Similar to NASCAR, our customer base is extremely brand-loyal. Having the opportunity to display the high-performance qualities of our purpose-built gear under the arduous conditions at track each weekend will be highly beneficial to the broader 5.11 community.”

NASCAR NRA Texas Auto RacingGranted there is no small overlap when it comes to gun-lovers and NASCAR-lovers and even the NRA has sponsored NASCAR events. It’s even a tradition at the Texas Motor Speedway for winners to fire blanks over Victory Lane, where the cup comes with a rifle as a prize.

As a function of this partnership 5.11 Tactical will be joining NASCAR’s Fuel for Business Council, a group of more than five dozen NASCAR sponsors. The group’s goal is to cross-promote each others products which will no doubt boost 5.11 Tactical’s sales.

Based on their track record with the firearms community 5.11 Tactical is sure to succeed with race fans everywhere. If you spend any quality time behind a wheel or spin a wrench from time to time this is one product line to look forward to for 2014.

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