Polaris unveils latest ATV with airless tires that can soak up .50-caliber rounds (VIDEO)

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These tires are tough enough to soak up .50-caliber rounds and still travel 350 miles.

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The starting price for the new Sportsman WV850 ATV is $14,999.

Polaris Industries unveiled their new ATV equipped with airless tires so tough they can soak up .50-caliber rounds and keep on truckin’.

Polaris, a company that specializes in snowmobile and ATV manufacturing, has more than a little experience creating ruggedized vehicles. And their Sportsman WV850 ATV equipped with airless TerrainArmor tires is no exception, The Verge reports.

If a 1,500-pound tow capacity and 3,500-pound winch doesn’t get your gears turning, then the super durable tires that can soak up a .50-caliber round and still travel 350 miles most likely will. In case you encounter a railroad spike instead, don’t worry, you can still keep rolling for 1,000 miles.

The TerrainArmor tires, originally designed by Wisconsin-based startup Resilient Technologies, incorporate a honeycomb core encapsulated by thick rubber tread.

But the Polaris Sportsman WV850 ATV doesn’t come cheap. With a starting price of $14,999, I’d be sure to avoid .50-caliber sniper rounds and railroad spikes, even if the tires can take it.

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