Noob hunter screams when ‘dead’ deer bounces away (VIDEO)

This heavy-breathed hunter got the surprise of his life when he checked on what he believed to be a dead deer.

He clambered down what may have been a tree fort before warily approaching the animal. “I dropped one,” he said with labored breath and shaky hands. “And it’s a buck too.”

“Fucker’s still breeeeathing,” he exasperated as he neared his kill.

The hunter tactically pied off the deer while steadying the camera on it. Facing the animal now head on, the hunter stood motionless.

**cue rapidly played violins **

But he had to be sure. He had to be sure it was really dead. So he nudged its hoof.

“Hoooooly shit. It’s eyes opened,” he said.

With its opened eyes the ‘dead’ deer sprung to life and fled with haste, and the hunter dropped down to combat weight.

[ LiveLeak ]

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