Tac-Con 3MR rapid-fire non-NFA trigger for ARs (VIDEO)

New firm Tactical Fire Control, Inc., or just Tac-Con for short, has developed a very interesting new trigger that lets people shoot AR rifle very, very fast.

The trigger has three settings, safe, semi-automatic and a sort of reset-assist setting which is simply called “3rd Mode.” In 3rd Mode the trigger uses some of the energy from the closing bolt carrier to reset with force, enough force to reset the trigger even with some finger pressure on it.

This speeds up the rate at which a user can pull the trigger. A lot. But it isn’t a full-auto trigger, and technically it’s not even a bump-fire trigger.

According to Tac-Con the trigger is ATF-compliant and they aren’t covered under the NFA. This is because the legal definition of a machine gun or any select-fire firearm of any type is a gun that fires more than one round with one pull of the trigger. The Tac-Con 3MR requires that the user pull the trigger once for each shot.

TacCon-3MR-TriggerWe contacted Tactical Fire Control to find out more about their unique and no doubt already highly-anticipated product. They’re already overwhelmed with requests for details but they did share a few of the triggers specifications with us.

Apart from 3rd mode the trigger has a lot in common with other high-end drop-in triggers for competition shooting, including a single-stage 4.5-pound trigger pull with no takeup and no over-travel.

“The 3rd mode has a positive reset that dramatically reduces the split times between shots,” Mike Stakes, Tac-Con president, told us. “The positive reset characteristic is achieved by transferring the force from the bolt carrier through the trigger assembly to assist the trigger back onto the front sear. As a result, this gives the firearm the fastest reset possible.

“Why 4.5 pounds? Because most law enforcement agencies limit any trigger used for duty to 4.5 pounds and above. Extensive testing done by Tac-Con, the ATF (BATFE) and professional shooters have proven that this is the fastest semi-automatic trigger in the world. The 3MR is ATF-approved and is not a NFA part. Each trigger is accompanied by a copy of the ATF letter. This is not a bump fire system. The shooter must pull the trigger once for every round fired.

“We are ramping up production in anticipation of our official launch on December 1st!”

Additional information will be available on their website when the 3MR trigger is launched. Their website, which is currently a little spartan, can be found here.

At this point it’s safe to say that unless something else massive hits the AR market, this will be the must-have AR accessory for 2014.

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