Knife v. Gun–changing how you think about the 21-foot rule (VIDEO)

Funker Tactical is working with two of the brightest instructors to do a series of Knife v. Gun videos. These will highlight various shooting techniques to deal with attackers with arms already drawn.

The eponymous 21-foot rule states that anyone within seven yards, or 21 feet of you, should be treated as lethal if you have to draw your gun to engage with them; that you don’t have time to draw a gun and fire on anyone coming at you with a knife inside seven yards.

What this means is that for most people who deal with armed individuals, that is to say cops, are taught to draw their guns on people early, and in some cases often, as a potential life-saving measure.

This series will focus on debunking the 21-foot rule and develop new techniques for use with armed attackers within just a few feet of the target.

While we wait for the other videos to come out, check out the vault of tactics and training videos over on the Funker Tactical YouTube channel. There’s way more where that came from, knives and guns.

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