Introducing the ATI TAC-SX2 and TAC-PX2 budget 12-gauge shotguns (VIDEO)

American Tactical TAC-SX2 and TAC-PX2

American Tactgical Imports is back in the tactical shotgun business with the announcement of the ATI TAC-SX2 and TAC-PX2 12-gauge shotguns. These are inexpensive home defense shotguns for anyone with a limited budget.

The two models will be offered in three configurations. The TAC-PX2 is a no-frills pump-action shotgun with a standard 18.5-inch barrel. It is chrome-lined on the inside and blued on the outside. As far as controls go it has a simple cross-bolt safety and ribbed forend for a better grip. It uses a blade front sight instead of the more common bead sights.

American Tactical TAC-SX2 and TAC-PX2 (3)

The TAC-SX2 is a semi-automatic 12-gauge that comes standard with an 18.5-inch barrel or as a combo with one 18.5-inch and one 28-inch barrel. Like the TAC-PX2, the TAC-SX2’s 18-inch barrel is chrome-lined with a blue finish and sports a blade front sight. The 28-inch barrel has a traditional vented rib for hunting and clays.

All three offerings are chambered for 2-3/4 and three-inch shells and have a capacity of 4+1, which is fairly standard.

Both the semi-auto and the pump-action shotguns have polymer furniture and pretty thick recoil-absorbing buttpads, although the harder-recoiling pump-action shotgun has a perforated buttpad for additional absorption.

The pump-action TAC-PX2 is the least expensive with an MSRP of $300. The semi-auto TAC-SX2 is still quite affordable with a suggested retail price of $380 for the standard model and $500 for the two-barrel kit. Real-world pricing is already looking to be about $100 less than the MSRP across the board.

American Tactical TAC-SX2 and TAC-PX2 (2)

“We are very proud to offer such high-quality tactical shotguns at such an affordable price,” says Joe Calabro, Director of Marketing at American Tactical. “The quality and price-point surpasses any other tactical shotgun lines on the market today, making this the perfect product for budget conscious LE departments as well as a great choice for home defense.”

If you’re looking for a backup shotgun, truck gun or simply don’t have the budget for a bigger brand-name semi-auto and you come across one of these ATI shotguns, don’t hesitate to give it a once-over. Details are still sparse, but for more information head over to ATI’s shotgun page.

ATI is on a roll with their low-cost offerings having just recently announced a $50 hybrid AR-15 lower receiver.

The Omni Hybrid receiver uses a polymer shell cast over a zinc insert. The design is exceptionally light and owing to it’s largely-polymer construction, highly impact- and scratch-resistant. Unlike early polymer receivers the zinc insert will ensure that the buffer tower can withstand almost any kind of abuse.

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