FBI has ‘bomb library’ with over 100,000 IEDs (VIDEO)

The walls and floors of the secret FBI facility that sits just outside the nation’s capital are piled high with boxes within boxes of bomb parts.

ABC was granted an exclusive look at the facility that helped bring down Iraqi terrorists that slipped into America by disguising themselves as refugees.

According to Gregory Carl, director of the Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center, this unusual laboratory has helped stopped many other potential bomb attacks on the nation.


TEDAC’s exact location has not been disclosed, but according to ABC, it lies just outside the nation’s capital.

When asked if he thinks the work done by TEDAC has stopped terrorist threats, his response was, “I know we have.”

“We’ve had over 100 individuals that we have nominated to the terrorist screening center — to the watch list,” Carl said. “By preventing those individuals access to the United States, I know we are preventing possible bad actors coming here standing up cells and doing attacks to the United States.”

[ ABC News ]

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