What happens when you load a shot shell full of .22 tracers? (VIDEO)

Raise your hand if the outcome here was different than what you expected.

This is a brilliant idea, by the way, and also no pun intended*. You may recall that Fiocci makes tracers for shotguns but good luck finding them right now. Your best shot, again, no pun intended**, is to roll your own.

What you need is a shell press and some tracers. I don’t think anyone makes a .22 LR bullet puller outside of just, you know, pliers, but be careful with the case rims. You might want to neutralize the primer and powder by soaking them in oil but I don’t know if that will affect the tracer tips.

So yeah, bone up on your reloading skills and get ready to make your own shotgun tracers.

Or … it is a Saturday … you could just spend the rest of the day catching up on Demolition Ranch and 22 Plinkster videos. Yeah, just watch the videos. Hey, they load shotshells so you don’t have to!

*That is a lie.

**Seriously, if it was unintended, why wouldn’t I just re-write the sentences?

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