Hatsan USA announcing 'tactical' AT44-10 air rifle


Hatsan USA, manufacturer and importer of air rifles for small game hunters and entry-level competition shooters alike, is announcing the addition of a new “tactical”-style AT44-10 TACT air rifle. Hatsan is quickly gaining a reputation for making quality, affordable, accurate and hard-hitting air rifles.

The AT44-10 TACT is a pre-charged pnuematic (PCP) rifle capable of pushing lead pellets at speeds up to 1070 feet per second at the muzzle and is chambered for .177-, .22- or .25-caliber pellets. This is not a Red Ryder. Because of its power Hatsan recommends against the use of alloy pellets as they can easily be damaged by the AT44-10 TACT, resulting in less efficient and accurate shooting.

The rifle sports an adjustable, removable 6-position buttstock, overmolded pistol grip and triple-railed handguard with Picatinny segments up front at three-, six- and nine-o’clock for lights, lasers, grips and other tactical accessories — the sorts of things you’d expect from a modern centerfire rifle. And of course the receiver is grooved for use with optics.

These compliment the many features that come with Hatsan’s premium PCP rifles, including adjustable Tru-Glo fiber optic front and rear sights, checkered rubber inlays for a solid grip and a precision rifled steel barrel that’s choked and threaded for sound moderators.

at44 tactThe use of a moderator combined with the AT44-10 TACT’s padded rubber stock make sure that this is something even the most recoil-sensitive can have fun with. Throw in the fully-adjustable two-stage trigger and you’ve got a gun that’s incredibly easy to shoot and shoot well.

The air rifle is ambidextrous and has both a manual safety as well as an internal safety, and uses Hatsan’s anti-knock system which prevents tank leakage if the rifle is struck or dropped. The tank has a capacity of 200cc, is rated up to 200 bars of pressure and sports an integrated pressure gauge.

The .177- and .22-caliber AT44-10 TACT can be trusted to have a solid 30-40 shots at full-power or close to it on one charge while the larger-diameter .25-caliber rifle has a lower 18-27-shot capacity per charge. Hatsan uses a standard quick-fill nozzle on the tanks for fast recharging.

Like many PCP rifles the AT44-10 TACT feeds from pellet magazines and Hatsan generously includes three with every rifle; that’s something you don’t see with most centerfire guns.

Admittedly, Hatsan is going tactical for the “cool factor,” but certain things, particularly the adjustable length of pull can be appreciated by all shooters. Having a rail up front also makes it very easy to use with a bipod.

If you’re looking to get some solid range time in on a budget, trying your hand at an air rifle competition or have problems with pests, this might be the solution you’re looking for. For more information, including detailed muzzle velocities and specifications head over to the AT44-10 TACT product page.

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