Introducing the CrossBreed Purse Defender holster


CrossBreed Holsters is launching a new holster specifically designed for off-the-body-carry, the Purse Defender. It’s a modular design to secure a gun in a purse, bag or briefcase.

As the number of people who carry concealed increases, so do the many methods of concealed-carry. And while not everyone can dress around a holster, everyone will agree: having gun is better not. That doesn’t mean it’s a great idea to toss a gun in a bag and call it a day.

While the product is clearly marketed toward the ever-increasing ranks of women who want to carry a concealed handgun, the design can be used by anyone whose apparel prevents them from carrying a firearm in a conventional waistband or shoulder holster.

CBH_pursedefender_4It’s designed to fit small and medium bags securely, without running the risk of something passing into the trigger guard and firing the gun unintentionally. It also ensures that the holstered gun stays in the same spot, at the same angle; this way the user doesn’t have to fumble for their firearm if they every find cause to draw it.

Like many CrossBreed holsters, the Purse Defender uses a Kydex panel to secure the firearm and is hand-fit to make sure it’s of the best quality. The panel is backed with hook-and-loop fasteners that can be glued to the inside of the purse, bag or case. The panel is L-shaped with an extension at the bottom that gives the user something to pull against while also preventing printing.

The Purse Defender turns any bag into a concealed-carry bag, freeing up the user to go with whatever design they want. Not everyone goes in for bags that were specifically designed for concealed-carry; it’s a matter of style. This gives people the ability to go with whatever style they like without sacrificing security.

CBH_pursedefender_5Like most holsters the Purse Defender is handed, and CrossBreed makes them for both left- and right-handed people.

They’re fairly affordable, to boot. From the press release, “Pricing for the Purse Defender is at an affordable $52.95 with matching mag carrier $32.95. Extra custom fit Velcro pieces are only $7.50.”

Like all CrossBreed holsters, they stand by their products and offer a two week money-back guarantee on top of the lifetime warranty. Few companies have reputations as strong as Crossbreed and if you’re in need of an off-the-body holster this product deserves your attention.

To see if CrossBreed makes a Purse Defender for your gun head over to the product page. For news and updates check out their Facebook page.

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