Look out Flashbang, here comes the Bra Draw holster (VIDEO)


The Bra Draw was released last week and is available in five different colors for the nice (or naughty) girl on your Christmas list. (Photo credit: Remora)

Remora Concealment and Security Products introduced a new holster last week – the “Bra Draw” – which appears to be similar to the Flashbang Bra Holster but with subtle differences.

While the majority of firearm accessories on the market are inadvertently made for men, the Bra Draw is (obviously) made especially for women. And any woman who has ever tried to carry concealed knows how difficult a task it can sometimes be, especially when trying to do so without compromising any particular style. But most women – as well as men – agree that a woman shouldn’t have to give up her feminine looks and dress in baggy clothes just to ensure that her firearm is properly concealed. And these innovative holster designs allow women to wear whatever they wish without compromise.

The holster is worn tucked underneath the bra band horizontally, in the crease right below the bustline. The gun is drawn by pulling straight down on the grip.

The Bra Draw features a leather strap with a buckle used for securing the holster to any type of bra. It has a rubberized non-slip fabric with a snap that holds the gun in place. The design also covers the trigger mechanism for safety and is lightweight.

Of course, for the fashionista in every lady, the Bra Draw is available in five different colors and patterns – pink, pink camo, digital camo, black and white.

Additionally – and perhaps most importantly – the design offers the unbeatable option of an extremely quick draw – usually under two seconds.

It’s budget-friendly at just under $50 and right now Remora is offering a 20 percent discount code on their website. Remora also offers a lifetime warranty on their products and will replace any holster that has become unusable from normal wear and tear.

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